Love has your name

"Life is the flower for which love is the honey." - Victor Hugo

Love, an infinity
Love is the key that opens hearts and softens souls. It unites destinies, destroys concepts and preconceptions, binds or breaks oaths. It wears different forms, so that we express our love towards friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, parents, children. All of them are part of our soul.
Love is a celebration every day, but expressed more on the day of love, Valentine's Day
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Elegance and brilliance, codified love...only you...and the rest of the world know. Tell him "I love you!" in Morse code or binary code. The most beautiful declaration of love comes from the heart. We help you translate it into a bracelet whose message only you will know!

Or you can give him your heart. The heart chakra is characterized by feelings of love, attachment, trust and passion. It is the chakra of love in all its aspects, located right next to the soul.

Feel the intense love. Give unconditional love.

And don't forget, say "I love you" as often as possible.

Valentine's Day

Many legends are known about the celebration of Saint Valentine, but the most famous of them tells that Valentine was a Roman priest, who lived in the 3rd century, during the time of Emperor Claudius III, who would have forbidden marriages, arguing that married men are weak soldiers. However, priest Valentin continued to officiate marriages, he continued to fight in the name of love. Upon learning that Valentin disobeys the emperor's order, Valentin is imprisoned and sentenced to death. Being in prison, he in turn falls in love with the jailer's daughter and on the very day of his execution, February 14, he sends her a letter that he signs "Your Valentine". From that moment until today, love won.
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