Samara jewelry - feelings on a thread

Samara jewelry - feelings on a thread

For some people, the value of jewelry is measured by weight and carat. For others, jewelry has sentimental value and belongs to a certain moment or state of mind known only to them.
That's why Samara looked for a way to offer exactly the feeling, meaning and depth of a jewel in a different way. Whether it's a bracelet, a necklace or a ring, they all carry a secret, personalized message, known only to the wearer, written in binary code or Morse code.

What makes them unique?
The uniqueness of Samara jewelry does not come from the jewelry itself, but from its message.
"We looked for our bracelets to be more loaded with a message. We wanted to put the beads in order. They should say something to the wearer, but not ostentatious, not in a way that everyone can understand.
That's how we got to Morse code. A unique way of saying something, but which could also be as creative and aesthetic as possible. Then, I also introduced the binary code, for a look with more symmetry, but which has the same idea behind it", explains Aura Dima, founder of Samara Jewelry.
Coding of jewelry is either in Morse or binary code. The difference is in the characters: the Morse code is made up of dots and lines, and the binary code is made up of digits - 1 and 0.

Morse Code
Two red beads represent a line;
A silver bead represents a point;
The black beads represent the spaces between letters and words, one black bead the space between letters, and 4 black beads the space between two words.

Binary Code

For years binary code was only associated with IT and accessible only to a limited number of people, but now it can cross this barrier and be introduced for the first time in the world of fashion.
Each letter has its associated code, which we managed to translate into truly unique accessories.

The perfect gift for any occasion
Being such versatile and unique pieces, they represent a perfect gift for any occasion.
Whether it's a loved one's birthday or a special occasion when you want to show your love and appreciation, Samara jewelry is ideal.
That's why we created collections specially designed for every occasion, from martissor, to dragobettes, to jewelry with an encouraging message.
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